Effective keywords for search engines

Effective keywords for search engines

What is a Key Word?


A keyword can be a descriptive phrase or just a word that people type in to the search box to find our products or services. From a technical point of view, we can define it in three levels:


Basic keyword: There are words, which point directly to our organisation, brand, service etc. They are necessary, but they do not tell us more about what the users are looking for.


Modifiers: By adding more information to the basic keyword, the user’s goal will be more obvious. These sorts of words, which provide additional insights, are modifiers.


Extender: Adding additional action words or adjectives to a basic keyword or a modifier, which enhances the keyword’s meaning and context, are often called keyword extenders.


According to some researches, it has been observed that the head keyword (meaning strong and short keyword) will be more popular than long tail keyword. Therefore, it is very important to provide a list of head keywords and a strong list of the long tail keywords. Essentially you could say that head keywords are what bring users to your website, and long tail keywords are what make users actually use your website.

How to Build Keyword List


When we are working on a new project, we look at three specific areas to establish a stabile and lasting website and business:


First: Who wants to reach our website?


Second: What is our main goal of establishing the website?


Third: How can our business benefit from the website?


Final Goal: How these efforts will affect the bottom line of our business.


Therefore, we may start by finding suitable answers to the following questions:


  • Which keywords will help us to reach the desired customers?
  • Which keywords will help us to achieve overall marketing goals?
  • Which keywords will help us to increase the company’s revenue?

Discovering Right Keywords


We can start with creating a starter list, which is a simple spreadsheet that enables us to store all the keywords we find; and after that, we can add the keyword objectives we have already come up with and also brainstorm the further potential of the top ranking keywords. Next step is adding modifiers and extenders to the keywords we have brainstormed, and finally we will mix keywords to reach some new users.

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